CTM Channels

CTM has three channels that it administers for the residents, officials, and educators of Chelmsford.  CTM-TV is our Original Programming, CTM-GOV is our Government Programming, and CTM-ED is our Educational Programming.

Logo-CTM-TVThe whole point of Cable Access is to provide a platform for the community to create programming that they are passionate about and to distribute it to the community. CTM-TV is the home for all things Community Produced! Here you will find shows that your fellow residents feel are important to Chelmsford.

Logo-CTM-GOVAs Chelmsford residents (and former residents), we truly care about what happens in Chelmsford. Because of that, on CTM-GOV we work with town officials and board members to cover as many meetings as we can LIVE and provide them for later viewing on TV as well as On Demand on our website.

Logo-CTM-EDThe Chelmsford Public Schools is one of the best systems in the country! And they have really taken CTM-ED and done some amazing things with it! You can see original programming by everyone from the Superintendent down to the students on CTM-ED. You can learn more about the Chelmsford Public Schools on their website at: www.chelmsford.k12.ma.us