Join us for some TV Production!
PatCameraHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be the “star” in your own TV show? Have you made videos of your family using a hand-held camera? Are you curious what it’s like to work “behind the scenes” at a television station?

Then consider becoming a volunteer at Chelmsford TeleMedia! Volunteers are the soul of our operation. They range from high-school students to retirees. Some come once a month, while others show up practically every day. But each one loves being involved. (Some of our volunteers have even gone on to win national awards for the programs they produce in our studio!)

The whole point of “public-access televsion” is to let you, the public, get involved in the creation, production, and broadcasting of TV shows in your community. And at Chelmsford TeleMedia’s modern studio, located at the Parker Middle School, you can turn your dreams into reality. Whether you simply want to learn how to operate a broadcast-quality television camera or roll up your sleeves and produce your own show, we’ll show you how.

Our staff will teach you at your own pace, and our studio is available most weekday evenings to accomodate your work schedule.

To become a CTM volunteer, register with our website and make sure to check the New Volunteercheckbox on the members registration form.  Someone from our office will get back to you with more information.
Not good enough?  Prefer the phone? Ok!  Call us at 978-251-5143 and ask for our Community Coordinator Dan Silvia!
Still not good enough?  Ok fine, just come visit and we’ll show you around that very day (unless we’re in the middle of a production of course!  So really, filling out the form and scheduling a visit is the best way, but we’re not picky!)

We’ll give you a tour of the studio and you can get a feeling of how a TV studio works and we’ll even let you sit in on a live taping to see how you like it!