CTM Staff

Pete Pedulla, Executive Directorpete

"Production" is Pete's middle name. In other words, as producer, he makes sure things get done – whether it's directing a show, editing, creating graphics or orchestrating a field shoot. He also helps with day-to-day operations like teaching volunteers and maintaining CTM's web video player.

Pete came to CTM in 2001. Prior to that, he was an advertising copywriter for twelve fast-paced years in NYC - a career that left him wondering, "Is this all there is?" Fortunately, there was also cable access TV. Many of the skills Pete learned on Madison Avenue have translated well to TV production. He likes to think he's helped bring crisp, quick storytelling and a contemporary graphic sensibility to CTM. (Don't tell him if you disagree; he's a little touchy that way.)

Pete earned a BA in English from Columbia University in New York. That's pretty much meaningless now, but it sure looks good on a resume. If you're interested in volunteering or having a show on CTM, let Pete know.

Tom Peterson, Production EngineerTom

Tom wears the most hats at CTM. His official title is Production Engineer, and in that role he's responsible for the CTM's broadcast and production equipment - not only maintaining what we have, but helping us move forward in the quickly changing world of digital video.

However, Tom also spends a large portion of his time teaching the next generation of television professionals at Chelmsford High School, where he – along with Dan Silvia – runs the CHSTv after school program.

Tom has a degree in video engineering from Southern Illinois University and is a CHS alum. He's happy to be back in the place where he grew up – though he's not always sure the rest of the crew thinks so!

Villu Tari, Program Director


"When's my program airing?" That might be the number one question Villu gets asked. But, it's all part of his job as program director. Villu makes sure CTM broadcasts happen on schedule and in a way that makes sense for the viewers at home. Villu also directs programs, is CTM's archivist and works with volunteers and the community.

Villu was born in Estonia under the Soviet occupation and, after being labeled "persona-non-grata," was expelled in 1989. He thinks this might be when he developed his "no excuses" attitude. Since coming to CTM in 1997, his mantra is: "There's no excuse for not making quality programming. No matter what. If they can do it, we can do it."

Villu graduated from Tallinn State Conservatory majoring in theatre and film acting. He worked on stage and films professionally until is "departure" from Estonia. After legally emigrating to the U.S. as a political refugee, he went from working at Wendy's to becoming an executive producer at the U.S. Information Agency's Voice of America.

"Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" is his favorite bedtime story.

Dan Silvia, Community Coordinator

Our youngest and best-looking employee, Dan makes sure CTM is making a difference in the community. That means he works with volunteers, interfaces with other access stations, and of course, directs, edits, shoots and performs all aspects of modern video production. Dan is also the co-advisor of CHSTv, the high school's after school program which teaches kids the in's and out's of TV production.

Dan has a degree in Technical Theatre from Fitchburg State College and is a CHS alum. He's also been volunteering with CTM since he was in the 5th grade, when he was a student at Parker Elementary School (before it became a middle school.)

Dan is well-versed in television and software engineering, which mean he spends a lot of time fixing and upgrading our equipment. After all, you can't coordinate with the community if nothing's working, right? Finally, Dan is CTM's webmaster. So, if you have any comments about our website, feel free to leave him a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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